Great Weekend

Monday Bank Holiday in UK so time for chilling out and hosting guests :) Ahh I amost forgot. Last Friday, before the long weekend, I had lunch in Royal China in Canary Wharf and I must say I love Chinese food! Brilliant place, company and food. Beautiful life :)

Royal China

Inspired by great food I got my sleeves up on Sunday to make beetroot pasta. Such an easy recipe! It was thea fist time I had pasta with cream as I normally don’t fancy creamy sauces. For myself, obviously, I added Soya cream and for the boys regular single cream.

beetroot garlic

It turned out to be quite yummy. Next time though I will add some more spices. Nevertheless all plates were cleaned before I washed them, so I am guessing everyone enjoyed it :)

beetroot pasta

And how do you make most of your beetroots?

Today morning was quite chilled out considering there was no alarm set last night (Bank Holiday). Yes, I did sleep in and I loved it :) Having said that,I had a busy afternoon. I did 30 min workout and I sweated my a.. off :) I ♥ endorphins. This set off a very good mood for the rest of the day.


Cold shower after that made me feel even more alive :) Feeling good :)

green tea

I am enjoying green tea recently. It is a way for me to avoid the ‘litres’ of coffee I usually drink – which in the end of the day leaves me feeling sick! I made a jug of great tea and sat down – it was time for some planning.

planningBy the time I was done I could hear my stomach asking for food! Lunch time just passed but there was no time to prepare a proper meal so I quickly blend blueberries, 1/2 of lemon juice, soya milk and a drop of Agave Syrup.

blueberry smoothie

This should keep me  going until dinner. We are hosting our beautiful friends from Portugal who are getting married in two weeks time. Yes, this means we are flying to Portugal soon! Yupiiii 

My long weekend is Afghanistan themed again (I just finished ‘A Thousands Splendid Suns‘ ) in between cups of green tea. I put my feet up and enjoy Radek Sikorski’s book ‘ Prochy Swietych‘. He tells the story about his journey as a journalist in Afghanistan and during which he joins Mujaheddins in their fight against Soviets in eighties. Great account!

Prochy Swietych

It is time to get my hair done and head off to Greenwich :) I will ‘see’ you later :)

How was your weekend?

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