Urgent v Important

I would rather say I am in control of everything. I mean at least of what is under my control. To be ‘on top of things’ – it is how I ♥ to feel. Having said that I must admit every day is a challenge against time. My biggest challenge is URGENT VS IMPORTANT.


I wish I had courage to do the IMPORTANT before they jump one level up and become URGENT & IMPORTANT:

  • keep in touch with friends (although in general I do but not as such as I would like to)
  • keep reading and keep studying
  • keep answering the most important e-mails (imagine a pool of 60 e-mails a day; which one do you answer first?)

I wish I could skip URGENT & NOT IMPORTANT

  • phone calls
  • conversations (unless scheduled) (this sounds like an utopia heh)
  • unnecessarily prolonged meetings 

In case you know what I am talking about here is what may help: IMPORTANT – URGENT matrix


So, let’s stay proactive! Time for the inventory of ‘ to-do’ list so that I am ready for tomorrow. I tend to go through my list before I go to sleep or early in the morning before everybody seats at their desks at 9:00 am, It sets a tone for my day. I have a clear mind and I am ready to kick off.

first things first

One of the things that are important for me are daily workouts. With full-time job it is hard to commit 100% but I am not giving up! I can proudly say that I got up 1 hours earlier today and did 40 min workout before heading to work. Feelin’ good :)

How do you keep ‘ on top of things’?


2 thoughts on “Urgent v Important

  1. I think important becomes urgent when we postpone sth cause it doesn’t seem to be so important. We think it’s a lot of time to do it and suddenly it turns out to be urgent. There is one easy advice I found last week ” If sth takes 3 minutes to be done – do it now !”

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