Festive Season

It has been a long time since my last post, since I actually had a spare minute to say hello to the world :) The last two weeks has been just great – relax, watching movies, running, spending time with friends and cooking. It was a high time to disconnect and since no one else was working I could get out of the daily rat race routine.

lovePlenty ♥ ♥ ♥ in the air, time to hang around and catch up on movies. We saw Capitan Philips with Tom Hanks – 7 out of 10 I would say. 


However more precious was the time spent reading…

Reading listIf you think I was only enjoying my time sitting on the sofa you are quite wrong. I have been running, exercising and I confess I fell in love with kettle-bells. My muffin tops are getting smaller. How about that heh? :)

RunningPlus winter except strong winds has been quite generous. No snow and no drama!

WinterI absolutely adore Blackheath…


It was a fantastic time with such a mouthwatering food! Plenty of roast veg, beef and much much more. Try roasted parsnip with sea salt and olive oil. Yummy….

great food

With such a rest I am ready to kick off 2014!

looking forward 2014

I have already plenty planned for Q1 (Quarter 1) and I can’t wait to – HAVE A GREAT TIME :) More details coming soon ….:)

How about you? Any plans for 2014?


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