#Managing Yourself: The 1 Most Important Thing to Keep Me Sane

In the world that everything is constantly moving it is not rare to find ourselves lost, with accumulated fatigue and with energy levels plummeting; a long to do list is nothing but keeps growing. You come home and the sofa seems to be your best friend. Yes, I was there too and I know how it feels. You wake up the next day Ohh yes today is a new day – let’s rock, just to find yourself half asleep after your lunch which you have consumed again by your desk. You are nothing but tired and exhausted. Mind like water state is far from what you feel like . So how not to get crazy in your daily craziness?

1. Workout. 

Since 2012 when I completed my first marathon (4:40 min) physical exercise has become part of my mental hygiene. It consists in either running, a few squats or my favorite kettle bells – I do it at least every other day. Otherwise I find myself – SIMPLY UNHAPPY. I developed workout into a routine so strong that it is like breathing, like second nature. It makes me feel fantastic and as a result I can take on other challenges. Not to mention a high quality sleep I get after.

You may find thousands of excuses not to exercise. Let me tell you something. The pain of a workout is nothing to compare with pain of feeling drained, powerless and unhappy. Exercise = endorphin. Endorphin = hormone of happiness. It is really as simple as the above. Plus, after some time you start enjoying it. The better you get at something, the more you can enjoy it.

I personally find workout crucial to finding peace when things around get crazy (or not). It is also major ‘ingredient’ of a state of mind ‘clear like water’. Considering today’s information flow it is a shrewd to be able to disconnect.

Please remember… yet to come ♥♥♥


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