Problem Solving

I was pretty much unable this weekend…unable to think or focus for more than 5 min. All this due to a terrible flu I must have caught somewhere between sunny Georgia, rainy Poland and a smoky London. I have gone to bed 9:00 pm Friday night and woke up Sunday morning with a few breaks in between for what in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is on the very bottom.

smothieI managed to treat myself with a natural smoothies to boost my immune system. Above my favorite of 3 celery sticks, ginger, two slices of pineapple, 1/2 a lemon juice and a glass of unsweetened soya milk.

ingredientsI had plenty of time to surf the internet without the slightest feeling of guilt that time is slipping between my hands (I am sick, right?!). Reading magazines, watching pictures and and browsing YouTube channels I came across this video. It tells the story of one picture. Picture that was impossible to take, it seemed at first. However, with a little a lot of perseverance and two attempts the picture was taken. Intrigued? Watch it now ( by the way thank you for the English subtitles Lukasz!)

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs comes back to my mind, but now the top of the peak: Self – Actualisation.


(source: internet)

In Maslow’s hierarchy, for instance, life is dominated by successive layers of needs, starting with physiological ones at the bottom and moving up through the more psychological ones of safety, belonging and esteem to self-actualisation. Maslow’s view was that if any of these levels is left unsatisfied we are unlikely to address the next one. Once we fulfill the needs bottom-up we reach the peak of the pyramid and the problem solving come as one of the element of the 5th category.

Not so long ago I had a business lunch in one of a fancy restaurant in the heart of London’s financial center. Not only the waiter read my mind but he also came up with a solution to my silent question: So where the h… am I gonna put my purse now? The waiter quickly realized my body looked a bit weird (almost warrior asana!). As I was trying hide the purse underneath my bum behind my back he jump in front of me with a little stool for my bag…how sweet was that? Problem solved!

Later in the conversation, between impeccably served fish and a mango desert I heard that for every problem there is a solution. Yes, you possibly have heard that one already?! Still not convinced? Watch the video once again. Remember that the most important element in finding the solution is CREATIVITY. You try option no.1 – it does not work. You embark on action no.2 – worked but not perfectly. Still something missing – how about combing options 1 & 2 and add a bit of salt and pepper?


I believe creativity is crucial in problem-solving. Maybe you have a different opinion? I would love to hear from you!


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