#21: It’s time to open the next door!

your pathRecently, I have been travelling quite extensively (wedding preparations ) and I must say I very much enjoy the longer (4 days) weekends. It gives the time to re-charge but it also, literally, takes me out of the work box.

Some of the best ideas I have had, came in the most unexpected of ‘locations’, during morning shower, or at the last party at 2:00 am when, for 5 min, I ‘found’ myself at the last staff meeting :) It is during these moments when it comes to me what would be the next best move /plan/goal.

Variety is what helps to facilitate original ideas  but it is the discipline and endless repetitive work that makes the master.

cimaAnd so I embark on an educational journey again. It is just who I am. It is like the air I breath. I could not live without it.

The next exam I have is this Thu and the only plan I have is to nail it :) The very next one: first of the CIMA Certificate level: at the beginning of July.

The journey has started…and it is beautiful !

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