#Career: Mellody Hobson, President of Ariel Investment

I watched this interview twice already and I recommend you also do.

Some of the best advise I picked from Mellody:

  • 1) Actively work to stay engaged with great people. Just find ways to stay in touch with them.
  • 2) Answer yourself: does this spark joy?
  • 3) You never know who is watching. Everyone is a potential customer
  • 4) Sometimes you need to be a hammer, sometimes you need to be like a powder puff.
  • 5) The more I know the more confident I am.
  • 6) If you feel strongly about something go all in about it.
  • 7) You will be in room with people who are older than you, who have bigger titles and who make a lot of money but it does not mean that your idea is not as good.
  • 8) Do not make any [career] decision based on money.
  • 9) I have been asked to do things from sublime to ridiculous and I welcomed every single one. I just wanted to do great work.
  •  10) Are you a fanatic?

I am curious if any of you disagree? I would be grateful to hear your opinion.

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