agata 2When I started my blog in 2011 I had no idea that this little side project would become a regular activity, almost an addiction at times. Initially, I only wanted to document and share my marathon training journey. However, as time passed by,  it became clear that I was hooked on blogging and that I wanted to grow this space.

As my professional career evolved so did the content of this blog which became more & more focused on #management, #careers & #self-development. Being passionate about my work is what drives me the most. I hope this little corner will become a platform to exchange different point of views on #work and #professional_development.

Holding a middle-management position has taught me how crucial to our work responsibilities is the life-work flow [I loathe the word ‘balance’]. There is always two sides in a coin so I am making sure you also find here #places to visit and #books to read for instance. This way you can switch off from ‘working mode’ and drift away and relax.

Finally, do not forget that this is not only my place but #our place. Now, more than ever, our experiences can easily be shared. I would like to invite you to contribute to this blog. Have you visited an amazing #city? Tell us more about your trip. Did you find that very special coffee shop with the tastiest and creamiest latte ever? We would love to try it too. What about the latest #book you are hooked on? Please recommend it here. Life is a beautiful journey so share it with others as I will do in my #weekly_journal.

Agata Lemos