about lifestyle inc.


Welcome to LIFESTYLE INC.! After about 6 months of getting to know the whole world of WordPress I launched this healthy lifestyle blog in January 2011. Due to the domain changes I relaunched the blog in July 2011.

That’s crazy me :)


I live in London, UK with my partner Luis and our 1-year old crazy cat Eddy Sawyer – Xininho for mates;) I was born and raised in Szczecin, Poland. I graudated from Szczecin University and Westminster University in UK with MA in Diplomatic Stduies. I live in London since 4th April 2008.

As a Graduate (Universiy of Westminster)

Before moving to England to pursue my Master’s degree I was (am?) a fitness and latin&balroom instructor, first training ballroom and latin dance for 12 years and then getting 4 years experience as a fitness instructor. Then it came the time to think about a business. So in 2006, together with my friend and business partner I set up Estilo Dance Studio [gosh, 5 years ago – time flys]. After 2 years of experience in managing the business I took a tough decision and moved to UK. Since then I live in London and travel extensively between Poland and Portugal.

I work in real estate industry in addition to jogging, practising Yoga and giving dance classes, and of course blogging.

Having trained ballroom ans latin dance  from the age of 7, staying active and fit, become my lifestyle. After I gave up dancing I signed up for fitness course and start jogging. The latter mainly to lose weight. After some km run – it just clicked and I got hooked on jogging.   

Nothing shapes one’s character better than sport!


I was never keen on Yoga. I used to become impatient during he classes and then leaving more angry and anxious that before practice. Then after I came to England I thought I might give it a go once again. God blessed me I did. I discover that  Elena’s Yoga class was unlike anything I had ever tried before and I fell in love with Yoga – this is only due to the fantastic Yoga teacher  – Elena many many thanks!  


Like majority of women I love to dress nice, however fashion in only a small part of my life – but it is fun. So join me here in LIFESTYLE INC. for new outfits suggestions. And remember I am waiting for your suggestions :)


I love flying and I love travelling. I could be meeting new people and visiting new places all my life.

With my beloved friend Xana in Coimbra, Portugal

LIFESTYLE INC. – Become CEO of your life

Let me emphasise that blogging is my hobby – however I do take it seriously. The most important however is that you will have fun reading my posts and that you will find here motivation to improve and develop your lifestyle. Besides sports, fashion and travelling I love reading books so I hope you will find here some great pick of the week. Manage your lifestyle as it would be a part of your work. Above all do not forget to look after yourself!


6 thoughts on “about lifestyle inc.

  1. I really like the way you have written about everything that is connected with you generally. It’s so easy to read and doesn’t make me feel bored, (some blogs are so). Adding pictures was a great idea. You’re my friend and maybe I could read it to make you feel better but ….no – not me. If I read it from time to time it means it’s good:) Keep writing….

  2. Thanks Emi! Well that’s why we have friends, isn’t it? To stay true :)
    I will definitely keep writing, hope my new posts will be even better!

    Step by from time to time ;)


    1. HI Jackie!

      I am glad you like:)! Few more posts coming up any time soon :)
      Are you a jogger or yoga lover?

      I hope you pop in here on regular basis:)

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