about lifestyle inc.


I am LIFESTYLE INC. Welcome to my world. A world of happiness, a world of life-long learning, the world of balance. I take full responsibility of my life. I watch myself closely. I analyse what can be improved. I care about what I eat. I care about my energy level. I care about my finances. I am the major force of my choices. I don’t expect anyone to take care of my life. I do it myself. I learn from mistakes I make. I never regret them. Every day I seek knowledge and turn impossible into possible. I am an example. I am a teacher. I am empowerer. I am the Lifestyle Inc Company and my mission on this planet is to change lives, empower and lead.

I am a runner. I make it the hard way. I struggle. Through regular exercise I choose commitment and good health. Am I tired? Yes. Do I want to rest? No. I shape my body and character every single time  I am out there fighting for another mile with sweat on my forehead. I run. I achieve. I am a runner!

I eat healthy. I eat what earth produces and what humans did not spoil. I eat organic. I support local farmers and businesses. I heal myself with food. I drink plenty of water. I believe I am what I eat. I prepare my food at home. I research and select the finest products available. I invest in my health. My body is a miracle which I support with good nutrition. I learn every day. I stay proactive.

I work hard to become financially free. Am I afraid? Yes. Do I doubt? Yes. But I don’t let the fear stop me. I work towards financial freedom. And I work hard. I have fun. Every day I learn something new. I take risks. I step up. I read books. I seek knowledge. I push myself every single day. I get out of my comfort zone. I dream and I take control. I am growing everyday. Through struggle I gain experience. I become financially free.

Through Lifestyle Inc. I recognize that true happiness means reaching complete well-being: in health and wellness, business building, leading a spiritual life. A fulfilled life. Because I am growing I am alive. Those who join me transforming their lives and taking control of their actions will have great stories to tell. 


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