Learn Every Day

Learn Every Day

I strongly advocate and believe in  life-long learning. For me it’s all about the progress you make when you learn. It brings you towards the next level. It doesn’t really matter what as soon as you learn. It’s more about the fun and challenge  while discovering the perfect recipe for your home-made bread or realizing the legal repercussions of employing someone illegally. It can be a new trick in excel spreadsheet that makes your work easier and more efficient or a technique to cut your temper. As soon as you learn.

I also believe in life-long learning For another reason. I champion taking a responsibility of my own life, actions, earnings and happiness. I believe that only me or in that sense you, we are the master of your own life. To be independent and to have the freedom to choose what you say yes to is the ultimate privilege. This however takes a particular mind-set of embracing new challenges and learning every day. Feel free to join me!

I welcome you to my learning linc corner.

#1: Being A “Project” Person

#2: Why Not To Drink Fizzy

#3: How To Break Outfit Routine


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